What are Yoni Eggs Benefits & how does it cultivate Vitality, Consciousness & Pleasure in Women?

There is a lot of negative connotation about the jade egg practice. It is not surprising that women are apprehensive about this ancient practice. Mainstream media has also done their bit to ridicule and corrupt this ancient practice after celebrities like Gwyenth Paltrow and Shiva Rose admitted to the healing effects of jade eggs in their lives.

This ancient practice was considered a forbidden practice in China 5000 years ago and looks like it still is.

Before we begin, let’s clarify what a yoni egg is. A yoni egg is an egg-shaped crystal you insert in your yoni (Yoni is the Sanskrit word for female genitalia, meaning ‘the sacred portal’).

I highly recommend beginners to use a jade egg (a yoni egg made of jade crystal) to begin with and I will tell you why. Keep on reading.

So where does the Jade Egg practice originate from?

Although there are Egyptian texts indicating the practice of Yoni-Eggs from the times of Goddess Isis and Mary Magdalene, the practice of Jade-Egg, in particular, originated in Ancient China.

The Jade Egg practice is an ancient Taoist/Chinese practice dated 5000 years ago. It was developed by 3 female sex advisors of the Yellow Emperor (Huang-Ti). Under his rules, there were a lot of practices refined like herbal medicines, silk industry, agriculture, etc.

Taoist teaching believes that sexuality was part of spirituality. Unlike several current religions and that we have been given access to our sexual energies in order to evolve ourselves, one can use their sexual organs to activate their life-force energy. I personally quite like this ideology. What about you?

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This practice was shared in the Royal Family so that the queens had access to everlasting beauty, long life, and vitality. The Kings benefited from the Jade Egg by performing conscious sex with their queens. Anyone who leaked this information was killed! It is a ‘forbidden practice’.

The reason I am passionate about using jade-egg is that these practices have been life-changing for me and several other women who have attended my jade egg online workshops and in-person retreats.

I first learned the Jade Egg practice 7 years ago. Now, my yoni loves the egg and I can walk around with it during my active days. I can now dance with it in and I even sleep with it in.

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One of the Yoni Eggs Benefits is that it is deeply restorative. It is a perfect practice to support you to move from the busy-ness of your workday or workweek into some deeply nourishing yin creative time.

I find it helps me to transition from my masculine ‘doing’ mode into my deep feminine creative self. Besides, this practice has also helped me to understand my pleasure body system, gave me permission to love myself deeply, enhanced my life force energy as well as my creative spirit.

So why am I specifically talking about Jade-Eggs and not any other yoni eggs benefits?

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Jade is an ancient stone to attract love

The Chinese valued this stone more than gold because of its balanced energy. Jade is the sacred crystal of the wood element, hence it has strong density and strength and also its non-porous nature, which is important as it will not break inside the yoni.

The jade activates the liver which then helps in the rising movement of our chi/life-force. Jade is a high vibrational healing stone and also enhances creativity. It is a warm crystal that can quickly adapt to our body’s temperature. So overall all these properties make a jade egg to be the safest yoni egg crystal especially for beginners and even for avid practitioners.

Simply sleeping with this crystal under the pillows has said to reduce symptoms of depression.

In ancient days it had few names like – the hardened dragon sperm & stone of heaven.

Jade-Egg itself has different colors ranging from white, light green, dark, lavender, grey, etc.

I recommend the dark green Jade called the Nephrite Jade. It has properties of deep yin vitality and is the safest to begin this work with.

Here are some of the Yoni Eggs Benefits for the Jade Egg practice:

  • Reduces menstrual cramps
  • Tones vaginal & pelvic floor muscles
  • Enhances our experience of welcoming pleasure, including sexual
  • Promotes well-being by boosting vitality & hormonal balance
  • Releases sexual traumas of shame, guilt, hurt & resentment
  • Increases self-lubrication of yoni for her health
  • Prevents vaginal dryness, infection, fibroids, etc.
  •  Massages your internal organs
  • Tones your facial skin
  •  Awakens body confidence, self-trust, intuition, creativity, zest for life & feminine magnetism

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So what is this Jade Egg practice anyway?

Place the Jade Egg inside your vagina and moved in such a way that it massages the reflexology zones of the vital organs of your body. This practice involves the integration of your intention, your awareness, touch, subtle movement, sound, and breathwork.

Your Yoni is really magical and has reflexology points just like your foot, right from its entrance – kidneys, liver, spleen, heart, so on. So this is not just woo-woo but a kinaesthetic approach to activating our life-force in those parts of our body using your intention, breathwork, touch, movement, and sound.

I teach about this practice in great detail in my self-guided online program

The Jade Egg Magic. Through these 21 days guided journeys you will learn how to prepare a sacred space for this practice, how to cleanse and charge the jade egg, several pelvic floor toning exercises and so much more.

I hope this article, gave you some context of how and why every woman should use jade egg for vitality, consciousness, and pleasure.

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