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Welcome to RoadtoRetreats com we are more than happy to help you find the best retreat, wherever you want around the world.

Our team consists of a few young, ambitious, entrepreneurs who understand the value of getting away on a short holiday and taking time for yourself. As retreat attendees ourselves, we all agreed that the most stressful part of our holidays was searching online through numerous websites, comparing prices, emailing back and forth, and not getting all the answers we needed.

The solution, create an online database of retreats where you can compare prices, dates, accommodation, food, instructors, facilities, and of course location. This is how the idea of RoadtoRetreats.com came to life. Welcome to RoadtoRetreats com

Our team consists of talent from a variety of fields; yoga, tech, customer support, meditation, data entry, motivational speaking, photography, art, design, knowledge of good food…..you name it, we know our stuff.

With our background of different experiences and knowledge, we have gathered some of the best retreats across the globe and each have our own ideas what types of retreats could best suit you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We are also very interested in hearing about your experiences working/owning/attending a retreat. Think of our site as a community of like-minded individuals who want others to have a good experience and your opinions/expertise matters to us!

Happy searching!



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