Looking to get away on a retreat or organize a retreat for the upcoming year? We have put together a list of the best retreat destinations for 2021.

It’s been an intense year for everyone on the planet (human-wise) and lots of new adaptations have been the trend of the year. Everything has changed and it’s forced us to take a new way of living (hopefully for not too much longer). Thankfully, our retreat hosts and teachers have done a fantastic job of either taking their retreats online or postponing their retreat to 2021.

Although attending retreats and traveling, in general, has changed the world is such a beautiful place, and exploring it is such a privilege to have in this short time while we are here.

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Please keep in mind that most countries have COVID-19 restrictions and we suggest you research government information about safe travel and if the borders are open prior to booking any retreat.

Explore Indonesia in 2021

Image credit: 8 Day Yoga & Surf Retreat / 8 Day Yoga & Holistic Healing Retreat

Indonesia is one of Asia’s top retreat location destinations. An accumulation of islands, who could ask for a better spot. The hot tropics, Buddhist temples, mountains, food, and culture are something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Each island has something unique to offer. Go visit the orangutans in Borneo, visit the religious sites of Ubud, or attend the fantastic spas or unique jungle huts in the famous Bali.

Indonesia is the kind of place that can never get boring. The gorgeous beaches and surreal nature make it an unforgettable place. Just be cautious of earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions (the one down-side to perfect island life).

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Mystical Morocco Adventures

The Best Retreat Destinations For 2021

Photo Credit: Surf and Yoga Package

This mystical country is one of a kind. You can go surfing and snowboarding on the same day! The landscape is incredible with the Atlas mountains and the Sahara Desert. It looks like something straight out of a movie.

Morocco has become one of the top leading countries to host or attend retreats, and it’s easy to see why! The country along the Atlantic coast with a great surf season. The ancient architecture, mosques, and medina’s make each city unique and breathtaking. Learn about the nomadic Berber people or spend time within the hustling souks. In short, there is so much to see and do.

Let’s also not forget the food and hospitality!

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Eco-Friendly Costa Rica

Image Credit: Surf and Yoga In Costa Rica

Check out a volcano, hike through some caves, roll out your yoga mat, or ride the waves. Costa Rica has so much to discover and the country has become a very popular spot for tourists and retreats for good reason. The country is known for its bio-diversity with plenty of big cats and an abundance of wild animals can be found in the jungles.

Tourism and ex-pats moving to Costa Rica have exploded over the past decade as people have discovered what a gem this country is. Rich in resources like coffee and bananas, beautiful landscape and weather, and a lot to explore. This country is a fantastic place to discover through hosting or attending a retreat.

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New Zealand Getaway

The Best Retreat Destinations For 2021

Image Credit: Rock Retreat

New Zealand is another eye-catching country. The country is made up of two large islands; North and South, where both islands have an equal amount to offer. New Zealand is a popular spot for tourists and backpackers as the country is well set up for visitors and sightseers. The famous movie ‘Lord of the Rings’ was filmed in New Zealand and has brought lots of filmgoers to the country.

New Zealand offers plenty of activities and cultural events to attend. The country is still very in touch with its Indigenous Maori roots and many tourist spots focus on the culture and its history. It’s a great place for adrenaline junkies too as there are lots of spots for bungee jumping, sky diving, and white water rafting.

It’s a country you don’t want to miss out on and a spectacular spot to attend or host a retreat.

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Culture of Cambodia

Image Credit: Navutu Dreams

Cambodia is another gem tucked away in the South-East Asia region. Cambodia is very famous for the Angkor Wat Temples (where the movie Tomb Raider was filmed) and has a long history displayed through its architecture. Although Cambodia has experienced one of the most tragic pasts of a genocide that took place in 1975-1979, the people are very kind and have a very strong sense of forgiveness.

Cambodia has great beaches, delicious food, and phenomenal historic sites. It is a great country for people with a strong interest in history and learning about people who have survived one of the 20th century’s worst mass killings.

If you would like to divulge into the culture and history and gain a new sense of compassion or give your retreat guests lessons about compassion, for example, Cambodia is the place for you.

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Italy Tourism

The Best Retreat Destinations For 2021

Image Credit: All-Inclusive Yoga Retreat In Italy

Italy is one of a kind. A great location if you want to include the love of food and wine into a retreat. If you want to experience great European architecture, the Mediterranean coast, or the beautiful countryside, Italy is a perfect fit for you.

If you have always wanted to go on a Gondola in Venice, see the Pope in Rome, or check out some historic churches in Milan, a retreat in Italy just might be your next choice.

Just make sure that you spend as much time detoxing on your retreat as you do drinking that vintage wine đŸ˜‰

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Spiritual India

Image Credit: 3 Day Rejuvenation and Meditation Retreat in Rishikesh

If you are looking to attend or host a yoga retreat, go to where Yoga was born. India is a fascinating place to visit. It makes you realize how small you are in this world amongst one billion people.

The country is so diverse it would take months to see it all, and like the popular saying goes “India is where you go to find yourself.” The culture shock, the massive amounts of people, the poverty, the many religions, and of course the food make every day in the country an adventure.

People are generally very friendly and love sharing their culture, food, and family with you. In fact, you might just end up in a few family photographs.

If you really want to go on a spiritual retreat or host a spiritual retreat, India is an excellent option. There are many spiritual guides and gurus in the country who would be more than happy to take you on a spiritual journey.

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Beaches in Mozambique

The Best Retreat Destinations For 2021

Image Credit: Weight Loss And Fitness Retreat Program

Up for some adventure? Mozambique is the right fit for you. The road less traveled is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches and islands. The East Coastline is actually 1500 miles long. In other words, longer than the coast of the USA! Tofo beach is an experience itself that needs to be checked out.

The people are kind and the food is delicious. The culture is hospitable and very friendly for tourists. We wouldn’t consider backpacking through Mozambique for beginners. However, a retreat in the gorgeous country is definitely a good way to start. And the people in Mozambique sure know how to take care of their guests!

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