Sustainable Bathing Suits (Made From Recycled Plastic!)

Sustainable Bathing Suits

At we love to support retreats who focus on the concept of health and well-being. It’s important to look after ourselves and each other as a way to contribute to a healthier planet. Many of these retreats are situated in some pretty remote locations, beaches, forests, and even deserts. It’s important to remember to respect nature in every location you explore. Unfortunately, humans are not always that perfect and we have had the tendency of leaving our trash everywhere! It gets in the way of our nice walks on the beach, it interrupts a nice surf sesh.

We feel it is also very important to be conscious of the things we purchase for the retreats we attend. Not only do we go on these retreats to look after ourselves, but we also go to enjoy nature. It’s important to look for eco-friendly products to take along to these retreats.

We wanted to introduce you to a great organization that is doing its part in contributing to taking care of our planet. We interviewed Eduardo Ferrer from Sloppy Tunas- a bathing suit line that makes their product out of recycled materials!!!!

Check out what Eduardo had to say!

RTR: Tell us a little bit about your product.

Our oceans are being polluted with over 8 million tons of garbage every year, it’s estimated that 25% of this garbage is found on the surface but 75% of this garbage is found underwater. This is causing many marine species to become in danger of becoming extinct.

We want to raise awareness and contribute to the rebalancing of the oceans, creating a state of harmony between humans and oceans again. Our sustainable bathing suits are made out of 100% recycled polyester from plastic found in the ocean. The first collection Just Recycle is inspired by 3 common pieces of plastic found in the ocean, Straws, Bags, 6Packs.

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RTR: Why is it important to buy products which are used from recycled materials?

We live in a society where people just want quick and easy things right in front of them. And sometimes we get so comfortable buying what’s right in front of us that we lose perspective of what we are really doing to our planet. It’s important for us to raise awareness that recycled products can be as good or better than regular ones, and don’t have to cost a lot more.

RTR: How can a product like yours help contribute to making retreats better?

By making sustainable bathing suits out of plastic from the ocean we are directly contributing to making our oceans and beaches cleaner. So I guess people will enjoy even more their retreats 🙂 We’re proud to say that we are contributing to make this planet a better place!

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RTR: What impact does buying your product have on the planet??

For every sustainable bathing suit that we make approximately, we use 7 plastic bottles, for us what’s more important is that we take it out of the ocean with the local fisherman of the mediterranean sea.

RTR: Anything else?

Our Kickstarter is available until June 6th and we are looking to raise 14.000 euros to help us fund the first production.

Thanks, Eduardo and his team for sharing all this relevant information! You can check out their Kickstarter campaign if you would like to support their projects!


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