Getting ready for your Surf and Yoga Retreat!

The yoga and surf retreats are a whole new ball game. Taking two very different types of retreats and implementing them into one new experience. It’s an intense, fun, exhausting, exhilarating experience that everyone should try at least once. Although the combination of activities differs greatly from each other, they do work nicely together. The combination works nicely at working on body awareness, building stamina, strength, and flexibility. More importantly, both provide an aspect of letting go. With yoga, you learn to let go of the thoughts and outcomes. Surfing can help with letting go of the ability to try to control nature. They both can teach you a lot about “going with the flow.”

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Some things to consider before your yoga/surf retreat:

  • What is included in the cost of a surf and yoga retreat?

Some retreats advertise as a surf and yoga camp, but one of the activities may not be included in the initial cost. Be sure to ask ahead what is included in the overall fee and how you can sign up for additional activities.

Be sure to ask if equipment and lessons are included in the retreat fee as well. Some retreats offer you the freedom to take their boards out for the day and then do your own thing, while others offer you free lessons but charge you for rentals. Lessons are always a good idea if you are a first-time surfer. The instructors can teach you proper techniques that will make your surf experience a whole lot easier.

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  • Who are the instructors?

What experience do the instructors have? What type of training did they receive? Can they teach beginners/advanced? What style of yoga do they teach?

There is nothing worse than spending your holiday with an instructor who is incompatible with your retreat needs.

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  • Is there the option to go on my own?

 Perhaps you have surfed a few times and don’t feel the need for an instructor. Be sure to find out if you can still get transportation to some great spots, but surf solo. Some surf retreats will even drive you out to a specific location if you are a confident surfer and want to spend the day doing your own thing.

  • Can I take some time off from my surf and yoga retreat?

So you signed up for a week of two yoga classes a day and surfing in between. You are starting to realize it feels a bit more like a boot camp. Is it possible to take a day off from surfing or yoga? Are there other activities in the area you can take part in rather than your daily activities?

We also suggest to take the time off and tune up your body a bit on those days off. Check out some of our great work out recommendations on those days off.

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  • What do I need to wear at a surf and yoga retreat?

 For surfing, be sure to ask ahead of time if wetsuits are included. If not, either bring your own or ask where you can rent one. Research the temperature of the environment and water before you go to get a better idea of how many layers you might/not need to wear. If you are going to a more conservative country, be sure to ask what is appropriate to wear and where is it not appropriate to walk around in a bathing suit. And don’t forget waterproof SUNSCREEN!

For yoga, make sure you bring something light and something warm. Ask your retreat if the yoga will be indoors or outdoors. You might want to bring a warm sweater or even a light blanket for savasana.

Some essentials we recommend bringing:

  • A rash guard – protects you from the sun and prevents your bikini from falling out of place. For some great environmentally friendly surf gear, check out our article on eco-friendly gear!
  • Sunscreen – we recommend a high SPF with little to no chemicals like the one we have shared here.
  • Surf Wax – If you bring your own board, bring your own wax. We have suggested a few eco-friendly waxes you can pack along with you.
  • A micro-fiber towel – Microfiber towels are quick drying and compactable. Great for after a good surf or sweaty yoga class.
  • Yoga Mat – Not all retreats will offer yoga mats so prepare yourself. We have attached a link to eco-friendly mats that are easy to travel with.
  • Yoga props – If you practice with props, it’s best to bring them along. Ask your retreat ahead of time if they supply props.
  • Be open!

Don’t set any expectations and just go with the flow. Get to know people, spend time alone, and be open to new experiences. This is your trip so do what feels right!


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