should i go on a retreat


Sometimes our bodies tell us things we don’t even realize at that moment, but often we neglect to hear the message. We get so caught up in life, stress, work, kids, school, family….you name it, that we don’t even notice when we have been neglecting ourselves. has created a quiz to help you determine whether you are in need of a retreat.

For each question, keep track of your points.

No= 0                        Sometimes = 1               Yes = 2


  1. Do you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning?


  1. Do you feel sluggish and tired most days?


  1. Does your body feel a lot of aches and pains?


  1. Do you have trouble finding time for yourself?


  1. Do you spend most days indoors and on the internet?


  1. Do you easily get irritated by other people?


  1. Do you crave some sort of higher purpose?

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  1. Are you vitamin D deficient?


  1. Are you not enjoying things that you used to?


  1. Does it take a lot to motivate you?


  1. Do you have a hard time enjoying the life you live?


  1. Do you feel jealous when you see your friend’s vacation photos?


  1. Do happy people annoy you?


  1. Do you often gaze outside from your office desk and wish you were out there instead?


  1. Do you feel you need to surround yourself with new people?

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If your score was 0-5

You are most likely on a retreat at the moment and enjoying your life. You probably did yoga this morning, drank your green smoothie, then hit up some barrels on the surfboard. Good on you mate!

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If your score was 6-10

You make time for yourself sometimes, but usually, put others/projects/work before you. You get enough sleep at night but never wake up feeling fully rested. You still do a good job at work but are starting to notice you are slipping a little. You have your daily routines, you exercise, but you don’t necessarily feel like you are pushing or motivating yourself. You have good friends, but you do feel a little bit bored with the same mundane activities.

This might be a good time to consider a retreat before you start to crash and burn!!!!!

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If your score was 11-15

Time for you to go on a retreat! You are burning out! You hate your job, life sucks, and you can’t wait to just get outside and forget about that list of things to do. You are sick of your boss, your dog is boring, and French fries and donuts are on your daily diet.

It’s really time for you to consider a retreat!!!! Please check out some of our amazing retreats to help bring you back to yourself!!!!

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