Every experience and person you meet plays a role in the formation of your energy. What you choose to eat, who you choose to spend time with, what you watch or read is stored energy in the body. Good and bad experiences area also programmed into our mind which also program into our body.

It’s important to have the tools and resources to learn how to clear away negative and toxic energy from our bodies. For example, when an animal is being chased by a predator, if it gets away it shakes its body to get rid of the energy or adrenaline that was released while running. This is how an animal can carry on without the body storing the trauma that they were almost eaten alive. Humans on the other hand have lost a lot of our basic primal instincts and when we experience trauma, we store that energy in our bodies.

Energy healing has become more popular over the past few years as research and experts have discovered certain modalities can change the patterns of the brain. Yoga and energy work is a great way to change those thought patterns that are so often correlated to certain experiences from the past.

We have a few fantastic online courses that focus on energy work that we highly suggest you check out.

If you are interested in Self-Healing Through Energy Work, this is a great place to start.

Kundalini Alchemy – 4 Week Online Course

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♾ How to gain better vitality and mental clarity with ancient yogic tools: Kriya, Pranayama, Meditation, Mudra, Mantra…

♾ How to upgrade your brain and nervous system to a higher level of functioning

♾ How to relax the mind and gain sustainable state of peace

♾ History and science of Kundalini energy and Kundalini Yoga

♾ How to bring the yogic lifestyle into daily living and see changes in your behavior and how you relate to life with acceptance, kindness and connection.

Jade-Egg Magic – Online Course

Created specifically for beginners to the Jade Egg, through video and guided audio practices you will not only learn the ancient transformative practices for better pelvic floor health and vitality, but you will also learn the essential embodiment practices to experience your sacred, sensual, sovereign feminine on a regular basis.

Simply put.. this is your 21 days to reconnect with the wonder of being alive in your life-force energy, so you can stress less, smile more, listen to your feminine wisdom and create a life of joy and meaning.

This is a step by step self-guided online journey that you can take at your own pace. As soon as you purchase ‘The Jade Egg Magic’ you will begin receiving daily emails for the next 21 days.

Each day will consist of 20 mins of juicy Sacred Feminine Embodiment Practice for you to deepen your magical experience.

Balancing The Chakras YTT – Explore The Nervous System

In this course, we look at healing from both a scientific (physical), emotional, and energetic approach. We explore mind, body, and energetic tools in order to live to the fullest expression of ourselves, and who we came into this world to be.

Our craniosacral system is intertwined with our senses and nervous system, feeding our bodies information about our internal and external environments. Over our life time, much of this information becomes stored as ‘truth’ in order to help us function with greater ease on a daily basis. As children, we are deeply impacted by each of our learning experiences – this shapes our Inner-Child and future experiences. In this training we take a curious approach to our truths and our bodies, to find greater alignment, improved resilience, peace, love and joy!

The Chakra Course – Master Your Own Energy

 Heal your body and create the life of your dreams by learning how to harness the power of the energetic body with The Chakra Course! The Chakra system. The Chakra are energetic centers that connect the mind, body, and soul. In this course you will learn more about each center, how to tell if it is blocked, and practices that Ayurvedic practitioners and Reiki masters use with their private clients to support them in releasing blockages and balancing the system.

The chakras connect our physical body to our emotional and spiritual body. Healing the energetic body can most definitely impact the physical body. There are also physical components of this program, which include diet and lifestyle, that directly relate to your physical well-being.

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