Pilates and Yoga is a great combination to strengthen, tone, and create flexibility within the body. These dynamic routines are a great combination. Yoga helps create a mindful practice and pilates helps build a strong core to cultivate a strong practice. Pilates is helpful at focusing on creating strength in one particular muscle group in the body. This is helpful in keeping the body strong so you avoid injury in your yoga practice as your flexibility increases. A strong core is also crucial for a strong yoga practice. Arm balances, standing postures, and any sort of jump backs all require the strength of the core to get you there.

These are just some of the many benefits of combining yoga and pilates. We have put together a list of retreats and online courses that combine both practices.

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Yoga Pilates And Fitness – At Home Workouts

SWEAT LAB offers in person and at home workouts (Yoga Pilates and Fitness) to help people get fit, gain flexibility and feel great in their bodies. SWEAT LAB is an inclusive community of people who want to feel and be their best.  Anyone can find a workout that fits their lifestyle, schedule, space and health goal.

You do not have to be at a certain level of fitness to join SWEAT LAB, but we will help you to get to the desired level 100%. SWEAT LAB classes are creative, fun, functional, motivating, structured and super safe!

  • ON DEMAND classes of different formats, length and levels of difficulty; subscription for unlimited classes (mat Pilates, Yoga and Fitness Training) is just $19.99 (plus small processing fee). All ON DEMAND classes can also be rented a la carte for 24hrs for just $5.
  • Virtual LiveStream classes (mat Pilates, Yoga and Fitness Training), all LIVE classes are 30mins and only $10 per class
  • Monthly Transformation Challenges (LIVE and ON DEMAND)
  • Virtual One on One Training

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Transform Your Health With Yoga And Pilates

Wave Yoga is an independent, established Yoga company run by Ava Monroe, a qualified Yoga teacher. Our mission is to help people of all ages transform their physical, mental and spiritual health through Yoga. Based in North Dalton, under normal circumstances we offer a weekly program of classes and one to one Yoga sessions across East Yorkshire.

However, during the current pandemic our classes are live and interactive by Zoom, taking place Monday to Thursday throughout the whole day, as well as on Saturday morning, 1-2-1’s and family groups are also available.

Whether you are new to Yoga or an experienced practitioner, you can expect a comfortable environment, friendly tuition and the personal support you need to get the most out of your practice.

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Pilates And Yoga From Home

The Library is an online collection of pre-recorded and Live Stream classes, available for you to access from home or while you are on holidays, at any time of the day.

We have recorded classes that are suitable to any fitness and experience level, so you can choose your session, and follow along with detailed explanation and modifications from your instructor.

Sessions range from 10 minutes for 1 hour and are available to any fitness and experience level.

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