Online Yoga Teacher Training – Get Certified In Your Own Home!

Are you ready to take your yoga practice to the next level? Are you volunteering your time helping your friends and families to learn yoga?
Well then, a Yoga Teacher Training Course just might be the next best thing for you. They say that teaching, helps you learn more about your own practice, which in the end, helps you become a better teacher.

With a YTT, you study anatomy so you gain a much better understanding of how the body works and how to properly adjust people to avoid injuries. You can see and feel how the posture is meant to done when you have a better understanding of how the body works.

Yoga Teacher Training helps you understand the postures better. When you are studying a course, you spend more time in each postures and learn how to be properly aligned. An YTT is very intensive and so practicing daily you will start to understand the breathing better and when to sync it with each posture and movement. You will understand how each vinyasa is synced with an inhale or an exhale.

Taking an online yoga teacher training also gets you to learn more about yoga philosophy. This is always very important knowledge to pass down to students. It also helps to take the teachings and incorporate them into your own life.

We have put together a list of online Yoga Teacher Training that you can start today!

online yoga teacher training

Self-Paced 200 Hour YTT – Get Certified On Your Own Schedule

In this training we will focus on both gentle Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga styles. You will learn to teach effectively in both of these styles and will be able to use your new skills to put together other types of classes as well. You will be provided with outlines for both of these types of classes, as well as details on how to teach each section of the outline.

This training will share with you the full practice of yoga. So much of what we see in the media today is focused on the yoga postures, also known as Asana. We will spend time on this of course, but we will really dive deep into the philosophy and true meaning of yoga together.

Through pre-recorded lectures, group discussion in our facebook group, reading and personal exploration, you’ll leave this training with a much deeper understanding of the roots and history of yoga, and how you can share that with others.

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online yoga teacher training

Three Month Online YTT 200 Hours (July 24-Oct17, 2021)

This three Month Online YTT is meant for a transformation from the inside out. The Transformational Yoga Teacher Training is designed to provide the students with a course that not only fits around their schedule, but that builds persistent practice, knowledge, and understanding of the foundations of yoga and the Transformation of Energy.

It is focused on the preparation of the body and breath, deepening of the understanding of yogic science and philosophy, and living yoga: Integrating the practice into everyday life to create the strongest foundations for passing it on to others.

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Vinyasa Yoga Online Teacher Training – YOUniversal 101

Yoga + comedy = YOUniversal Yoga’s 45 hours Online Vinyasa 101
Course –Learn, Laugh, and  Earn an Accredited 45 Hours of Continuing Education Credits.This awesome ONLINE & SELF-PACED course and fulfills 45hr Continuing Educational Requirements approved by Yoga Alliance.

What makes this course different? Well, for starters, we’ll humbly say, we DO! And… all the goodies within this course too. One other really large awesome aspect in choosing this course with us is that-IT IS SELF-PACED! Alongside 28 Short Videos demonstrating the teaching and practice of our chosen yoga flows and Yoga Poses/Asana. You’ll ALSO receive a 266 page PDF course file that can serve as your new lifelong reference guide to Vinyasa 101.

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200 Hour Online YTT – Every Month In 2021

This 200 Hour ONLINE YTT is based on our normal 25 Day Yoga Teacher Training that we typically offer in Bali and Thailand.  Yoga Alliance has made a provision to accept Yoga Teacher Training that is given online through the end of 2021 due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions.  So this Online Yoga Teacher Training is certified through the Yoga Alliance and exceeds the Yoga Alliance Standards.

The content you will receive and the virtual experience you will have will be as close to our normal in-person yoga teacher training as we can make them.  Also, we are making it possible that ALL PAYMENTS can be applied toward a future In-Person Yoga Teacher Training whenever you are able to join us at one of our amazing locations.

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Hot Yoga Online Teacher Training With Original 26×2

We want to help you become a confident, poised, and podium ready 26×2 Hot Yoga teacher.
An exceptional, qualified teacher, trained in the foundations of the practice, with a focus on the posture sequence, anatomy, and physiology, all from the comfort of… anywhere!
We’ve launched the first-ever Original 26×2 Hot Yoga Online Teacher Training Program, a 330-Hour comprehensive course, taught by one of the most powerful and prominent figures in the Original Hot Yoga world today, Ida Ripley!
Upon completion, you’ll join an elite group of graduates who are some of the most influential, committed, successful, and qualified teachers in their communities across North America.

Yoga Alliance 200 Online YYT

Start your journey today to get certified as a Yoga Alliance 200 Online yoga teacher and become a member of the largest online YTT community, benefiting from thousands of other students and graduates as you develop your practice with this comprehensive program. The curriculum delves into detailed concepts in an easy to understand format through live zoom calls, video, text, and image.

Students enrolled in the 200-hour course will also be able to take advantage of a ton of free resources ($900 value) such as sample legal forms, resume templates, client intake forms, asana flashcards, inspirational class playlists, 125 class theme ideas, and pose guides to incorporate into their practice after graduation. Enrollment comes with lifetime access to this growing pool of resources as well.

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Join Pamela Ronstadt, E-RYT 500, TIYT, and Aida Ahmagic, E-RYT 200 for a transformative 200 Hour of Online Yoga Teacher Training and Personal Growth Immersion.
We designed this TT to help you reach your goal and start working on your soul calling in the best ways during this global situation.
We will offer 200hours of FULL COURSE ONLINE, and cover all theory we go through, you will work on your sadhana, personal studies, homework, and integration. You will be guided daily in your asana practice with Pamela in Yin and Vinyasa and Ashtanga primary with Aida.

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