To do an online yoga teacher training, or to not? That is the question.

If you have been looking into doing your YTT, 2020 has made quite a few new changes to how we do life. Thankfully, the internet has provided a whole new way of doing business and keeping businesses alive and moving – as well as keeping people active. Yoga teachers have had the fortune of being able to take their classes online and even have the potential of finding new clients this way.

Although some may argue that a YTT course should be done in person, 2020 has introduced us to something new: Online Yoga Teacher Training.

If you are having trouble deciding whether you should invest your lock-down time into an Online Yoga Teacher Training, or whether to hold it off and wait till you can do it in person, we have made a list of pro’s and con’s to help you decide.

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Pro’s to doing an Online Yoga Teacher Training

Well let’s be realistic, you might not be able to do an in-person YTT  in the near future. Doing an online yoga teacher training at the comfort of your own home can be a very convenient way to learn. Most teachers have their courses set up very professionally and user friendly online. They have a set schedule where some of the courses are live, and some are pre-recorded. Some teachers provide readings and homework, while others provide one-on-one coaching.

If you are new to yoga and might not be as confident doing a YTT in a large group setting, taking an online course might be a lot easier for you. It’s also a lot more flexible time-wise if you have a job or children to look after. You don’t need to take time off of work and you can basically do the training anywhere that has internet access.

Finding the right online yoga teacher training might be easier to find which teacher matches what you are looking for as many teachers provide tutorials and previews of how they teach. They have more information online provided in the first place to give you a better feel as to what their teaching style is like.

Online Yoga Teacher training is generally more cost-effective. You don’t have to pay for accommodation, or travel like you would at an in-person retreat.

If you are on a tighter budget, don’t have that flexible of a schedule, and generally prefer learning at your own pace, doing an online yoga teacher training might be the right fit for you.

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Con’s to doing an Online Yoga Teacher Training

The time convenience and relaxed schedule might sound appealing, but if you are someone who needs to have more “hands-on” learning approach, online yoga teaching training might not be the right fit for you.

One major downside to doing an online yoga teacher training is not having someone physically there to show you have things should be done. Learning adjustments and the proper alignment can be difficult to learn if you are just watching on a screen. These are very important aspects to becoming a good yoga teacher and having a practice where no one has properly adjusted you or shown you how to make a proper adjustment can be challenging.

You might also struggle with not having the direct feedback from an instructor. Whether the courses are live or pre-recorded, you don’t have that automatic feedback that let’s you know whether or not you are doing something wrong. Any questions you have will be delayed when needing an answer.

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The Pro’s of taking an in-person Yoga Teacher Training

It’s not that difficult to think of the answer to this one. First off, you get to go to somewhere great. Sick of winter, how about a Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica? Needing a career change? How about studying to be a professional yoga teacher in India. Not only do you get to study to be a fantastic teacher, you have the fantastic opportunity to explore and learn about a new culture (and of course let’s not forget about the food!)

With an in-person yoga teacher training, it is a lot easier to learn and get a feel for adjustments, anatomy, and alignment. This is especially true for people who learn better through muscle-memory. You don’t necessarily know what the posture should look or feel like unless you have been physically moved into that position. In-person YTT give you feedback on the spot and can really help point out what needs to be improved.

Attending an in-person yoga teacher training is also a great way to meet other aspiring yoga teachers. You can practice with each other and discuss what you learn each day. After the course is over, you will have new friends and potential yoga retreat business parters or clients 😉

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The Con’s of taking an in-person Yoga Teacher Training

Although travelling to another country is great, it’s not always possible for some people’s schedules. In-person YTT take about a month’s time and not everyone can get the time off of work/life/kids, etc. Plus, it can be quite expensive to fly somewhere, pay for accommodation, food, and the yoga teacher training. Let’s not forget who is going to look after your pets for that length of time?

You also have to go to the location where your destined yoga teacher is teaching. Compared to an online yoga teacher training, you don’t have the luxury of staying in one place to learn from your teacher of choice.

So if time and budget are a factor, attending an in-person yoga teacher training might not just be in the books for you.

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