The physical practice of yoga is just one of the many components to mastering the art of yoga. Yoga is practice that requires many different aspects to work towards self-awareness and inner peace. The philosophy is what helps people understand what an ethical life through yoga looks like and how to achieve this.

We have a few amazing online courses that you might want to check out if Yoga Philosophy is something you want to invest more of your time towards.

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This course is a must for students of yoga interested in getting the most out of their yoga instruction in posture flow, breathing exercises, or attention guiding meditation. Instruction consists in a combination of on-demand video lectures, and weekly live, virtual tutorials with Dr. Shyam Ranganathan, founder of Yoga Philosophy.

This 5 Limbs online course is suitable as the basis for yoga philosophy instruction and tutoring for teacher trainees. Join anytime. Dr. Shyam Ranganathan is a scholar of South Asia, translation expert, and a professional philosopher. He is a member of the Department of Philosophy at York University in Toronto, and the York Center for Asian Research.

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The 4th Limb Of Yoga: Pranayama

The 4th Limb Of Yoga: Pranayama

In the context of Yoga philosophy, Pranayama is the stairway to the higher limbs of yoga – the bridge between the external, physical practices of yoga and the more subtle internal, energetic practices of yoga.

In this weekly, four-session practice group, we will explore the practice of Pranayama from a philosophical as well as a practical foundation. The individual practice of Pranayama will be introduced in an easy to follow, step-by-step framework. If you cannot attend during the weekly live practice sessions, don’t worry! We will email you a downloadable link to the class recording.

Participants must sign up for the entire 4-week series, due to the fact that each week will be building on the ratio of the prior week. Pranayama is an extremely powerful practice, and thus it is important that we explore its practice with diligent and methodic principles.

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Online Yama Yoga Course – Yoga At Home

This course is perfect for feeding your soul. It is an opportunity to explore and deepen your personal yoga practice, while also learning about what’s important to you. In this fast-paced world, it can be hard to make time for yourself, to focus on your own development, and to get to know what makes you tick.

Think of this course as an investment into your mental, physical, and spiritual health, as you’ll learn things you can always have in your tool kit. The Yamas are the first step of Patanjali’s Eight Fold Path and the first of the Eight Limbs of yoga. They are a set of five teachings that help yogis to live an ethical life and do good in the world around them. Each week we will explore one of the

Yamas in detail, this will include a pack including an explanation of the concept and activity to explore it further in your everyday life, a private 1-hour online yoga class focusing on that week’s concept, and a private 20-minute online meditation class to discuss and develop your understanding of that week’s Yama so that you can learn what they are and how to live them.

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Yoga Moral Philosophy (30 CE Hours)

This exploration will help students of yoga appreciate how many of the popular ideas associated with Yoga (scams) are actually derivable from famous Western options that are projected on to Yoga. Secondly, how Yoga constitutes a radical moral theory that, in practice, disrupts systemic discrimination and harm, and is a basis for prosperity

. Indeed, students will learn that many of the world’s current problems and predilections in popular theories (problems for humans, nonhuman animals, and the environment) and to explore how Yoga disrupts these mechanisms.


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