Here are five great reasons nature and mental health need each other.

Putting down that phone and laptop and walking through nature can be one of the best things you could do to support your mental health. Breathing in the fresh air and grounding yourself in an environment that is so natural can really stabilize your mood. Society has changed over the past few decades with the advancement of technology, and more people are getting too caught up in their busy lives that they forget to slow down and reconnect to the bigger picture in life.

Here are just a few good reasons that you should put down that phone today, and see why nature and mental health need each other.


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1. Nature and Mental Heatlh = Helps relieve anxiety.

What is anxiety exactly? It’s a pretty normal part of society now that we have more information about mental health and the symptoms. Anxiety is a response to stress. It is when your nervous system is triggered by something external and goes into fight or flight mode. It is those recurring thoughts that repeat over and over in your head. Often these reoccurring thoughts are catastrophizing a situation or series of events. Anxiety is that gut-wrenching feeling you get in your stomach when something doesn’t feel right but just won’t go away. It is irrational fears which won’t seem to go away.
There is no exact cure for curing anxiety, but there are plenty of ways to prevent going into an anxious state and many ways to treat it as well. Each individual is different. Spending time in nature can be one very relieving way to let go of your anxious thoughts. Nature can help you see the bigger picture in life, how everything works as it should, and in a collaborative way. It is also a great way to bring your mind to a sense of peace by staying in the present moment. You don’t have to think so much about your fearful thoughts, just enjoy and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

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2. Nature and Mental Health = Helps you destress.

Isn’t it great when you can just take 30 minutes out of your day and forget about what it is you have on your to-do list! Life isn’t meant to be taken so seriously and sometimes spending time in nature can be a great reminder. Nature helps us slow down and remember to appreciate the simpler things in life. You get that automatic response to just relax and take in what is around you when you choose to spend time in nature. Your focus is no longer on the tasks or goals that need to be accomplished, it is simply about taking in what is real in life.

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3. Helps you see a bigger picture.

Seeing the bigger picture in life can really help put things into perspective. When you start to realize just how small you are on this planet, the problems in your life also seem to get a lot smaller. Nature is also a big reminder of the constant evolution of things and how everything serves its purpose. Nature is also a good reminder of how each part of life, the good and the bad, serves its purpose. When you start to spend more time in nature, you begin to understand how we don’t have much control in this life, which makes it easier to accept the natural flow of life.

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4. Nature and Mental Health = Helps with problem-solving.

It’s difficult to make important decisions in a busy and chaotic life. It’s also difficult to make important decisions when other people give their opinions. We all know what’s best for ourselves and what we can and can’t handle. Sometimes taking that time to yourself and isolating yourself in nature can be the best way to reconnect with you and get the real answers you need to hear.


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5. Helps you sleep.

Getting a good night’s rest can be just as important as eating right and exercising. The mind going into the deep state of relaxation can be extremely healing and re-energizing. Spending time outdoors keeps you active, your blood moving, and your hormones balanced. This helps lower the stress hormone cortisol in your body- which will help you sleep better at night because your stress levels are low. There is something about fresh air and sunlight that TV’s and the internet just can’t compare to ;).

So now that you have finished reading this article, put that phone down or close that laptop and head outdoors. Your mind and body will thank you!

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