How to select a retreat venue for your upcoming retreat! Finding the perfect retreat venue is probably the biggest decision you have to make when organizing a retreat. A retreat venue could be what determines the success of your retreat. There are many factors to take into consideration to help you decide and determine how to select a retreat venue and if it will be the right fit for your retreat.

When you are busy teaching your classes, the last thing you need are external stressors to add to the (hopefully minimal) stresses that go with hosting a retreat. Your focus needs to be on making your clients experience a memorable one, so you need to be able to count on the venue.

Retreats have become extremely popular over the past decade, and competition can be pretty tough. There is literally a market for every kind of retreat. We have put together a list of suggestions on how to select a retreat venue.

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Consider the country you want the retreat venue for your upcoming retreat

Each country offers a unique aspect of what you can offer at your retreat. Incorporating the culture, food, and traditions can make your retreat that much more amazing! The location has to be the most important aspect of choosing where to host your retreat. Take into consideration what time of year you are looking to host a retreat. Some countries have long rainy seasons, some cold winters, and some have heat waves! The weather can play a very crucial factor in what makes your retreat turn out best. Are you wanting to host along a beach, near a busy city, or in the countryside? Take into consideration how far the location is from the nearest airport, will there be an airport pick up, or will it be a challenge to get to the destination from the airport. This could turn people away from your retreat if it sounds too complicated to get to the location. Keep things simple.

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The Retreat Venue!

There are definitely some gorgeous retreat venues out there, sometimes it can almost seem impossible where to start. You want to take into account when creating your retreat, who your clients will be, and what are their needs. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Rooms: Would you prefer separate, shared, bungalows, or something with a lot of privacy?

Activities nearby: Is there a pool? Are you near the beach? What are some activities guests can do on their time off? Is public transportation or taxis easy to get from the venue? What other activities are there to do that you can offer your clients? Are there cultural events or activities they can participate in? Cooking classes? Scuba diving? Horseback riding? Swimming with dolphins? Too many options, but so much endless possibilities. That is why it is so important to do the research on how to select a retreat venue.

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The Retreat Food

Food is so important, especially if you are doing a detox or yoga retreat. There is a high chance you will have at least one vegan or vegetarian on your retreat. Perhaps you might just want a raw food, vegan menu. Make sure that the location has the ingredients you need to create a cuisine to die for. Healthy, nutritious food is so important to have at your retreat. Having bad food could turn people off from wanting to come again. Sure the retreat was great, but they could easily find another retreat nearby if they aren’t happy with the food selection. Take into consideration as well if the venue has the option for a chef or whether you need to bring your own. Some of your retreat guests could have food intolerances so be sure to find out what alternatives can be offered.

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The Retreat Venue Owners

The last thing you want is to be stressed out about small details while the retreat is taking place. When you are deciding where to host your retreat, you want to make sure that you get good “vibes” from the people you are dealing with. Make sure that all money issues are made clear and in writing, before you start promoting your retreat and there is a clear understanding (and contract) what everything costs. Will the venue owners be on location when the retreat is taking place? Will it be easy to get in contact with them if there is a problem. You want to be on the same page with the owners. The first impression is key, and if you get the feeling that something is a little off, go with that and find somewhere else.

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How Much It Costs To Rent A Retreat Venue?

You know who your niche is, so you already have a good idea of what their budget could be. You want to make sure that the venue is reasonably priced enough to rent out that you don’t have to charge an arm and a leg to hold a retreat. If your clients are more “upscale” then sure, go for those luxury villas on the beachfront of Bali, but if you are focusing on a lower budget, younger demographic, keep the price range reasonable. Unfortunately, a retreat is not like a piece of art where the higher the price, the more value it seems. People will choose a retreat based on their interests and what they can afford.

These are just some of the most important parts of planning a retreat. It takes time, research, and a lot of planning to master the art of retreat creating. Each time you do it, you will get better and better. Client feedback is very important to learn how you can improve each retreat. It could be those tiny details that you do differently that keeps drawing your clients back to each time you advertise an upcoming retreat.

Another important thing to remember is when you host a retreat in another country other than your own, it is very important to understand and learn the culture’s etiquette and standards. Learning a few words in the Native language and teaching them to your clients can show a lot of consideration and respect to local people. Even simple things like leaving shoes on or off when you enter, or what is appropriate to wear if you visit a religious or spiritual ceremony are very important things to know and inform your guests about.

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