Times are definitely changing and a lot of things are very much out of our control. Learning to adapt to trying times and getting creative with new ways to change your business is the way forward! Thank goodness we have this magical thing called the internet!

We know that many retreats have had to cancel this year and this is going to hurt the pockets of many. We want our retreat hosts, retreat locations, and retreat guests to have all of their business needs accommodated at this time. Many retreat hosts have already moved their courses online!

We have put together a list of how you can begin hosting an online retreat in each of our retreat categories. Here are some great tips!

Hosting Online Retreat

Hosting An Online Retreat -Art Retreats

Take your art classes online. You may not have the joy of face-to-face teaching, but your techniques can all be taught through a Zoom class (just like all the yoga classes). It really doesn’t matter what the medium is that you use, you can organize a retreat for a certain amount of days.

Your students must purchase the materials for your retreat ahead of time. You can break up the retreat over a few days where you go into depths about different topics to cover. Here is an example of a 5-day painting retreat:

• Day 1: An introduction to your materials – which brushes are for what, choosing the best canvas, how to build a canvas, priming a canvas, what types of paint to choose from when buying, which colors to buy and which shades mix well with others.

• Day 2: An introduction to what you will be creating. If you are doing a painting retreat, giving tips on how to draw out the subject on the canvas, what colors you will need, which brushes work best for specific parts of the painting.
Then start working on the first part of the art piece you are creating.

• Day 3 Shadows and highlights. Going into the depths of how to make that painting “pop”!

• Day 4 Details! Focusing on the small details that make amazing.

• Day 5 Finishing touches! Varnishing, framing or adding to a nice canvas. How to make your painting presentable and professional.

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signature detox retreat

 Detox Retreats

You won’t be able to provide all the necessities for your retreat, but you can most definitely have a positive impact on the people who are staying at home and wanting to feel healthy.
Here is an example of what you can do for an online Detox Retreat:

• Prior to the retreat create a list of foods, herbs, etc. which your retreaters need to buy ahead of time. If there is juicing and cooking involved, you will need to prepare a meal plan ahead of time.

• Each day, you can prepare the detox meals online with your clients so they can see how they are made and the order to ingest them. Share tips on what each food/herb is good for and how their body might react to taking them.

• Provide a schedule on what will be eaten/drank at that time and provide a timeframe. Offer suggestions for low-impact activities to do throughout the day, and a good sleep routine.

best meditation retreat usa

Hosting an Online Retreat – Meditation Retreat

This might be one of the most important retreats to lead at this time. People are spending a lot of time alone in their thoughts and being forced to spend that time alone can really bring up a lot. It can be quite scary!!!

A meditation retreat can be quite easy to offer online. You can do several one-day retreats or several longer intensive days.
We suggest starting with the basics of meditation for the first day of a meditation retreat and offering specific techniques to help people go deeper into their practice.
Focus on a specific topic for your course and each day go deeper into guiding the meditation to get to the root of what you are trying to enlighten people with.
Teach people techniques so when they are done your course, they can practice on their own…..until you start hosting an online retreat again 😉

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Online Yoga Teacher Training Canada

Yoga Retreat

If you have a good following already, this should be easy for you. Your loyal followers will love to be able to go on that retreat from their home and see their favorite teacher.
Depending on the type, of course, you are offering, that will determine the number of days it will take to complete it. Whether it’s a YYT, a 7-day course, a handstand workshop….the opportunities are endless.
Doing an online course also gives you the opportunity to teach people who have never been abroad on a retreat before. It’s a great way to create a new following.

Some suggestions for topics for a yoga retreat:

 Anatomy classes
Break-down of specific postures
Mastering the Udiyana Bandhas and Mula Bandha
Breathing techniques (Pranayama)
The morals and ethics of yoga (philosophy classes)
Taking yoga off the mat and into the world
History Classes
And of course, just teaching some great sequencing!

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Surf Retreats

Surf Retreats!

Ok, we know this one is nearly impossible to get people out to your surf camp and in the water, but there are ways to take your surf retreat online, and create a new following while you are at it!

Surfing is an intense sport and requires a lot of upper body strength. To be a great surfer you need to be in top shape. We are suggesting to all of our surf retreats to consider hosting “pre-surf retreats” where you can teach fitness classes to help build the muscles and endurance to master those waves. Even classes on surf history, understanding the waves, lingo, and surf culture would be an interesting asset to add to your course.

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