High vibration raw food

High Vibration Raw Food

The art of retreating is a truly self-affirming and self-loving experience. I’m always profoundly inspired by being in the company of my guests who go against the grain and venture on retreat to reset and deeply care for themselves on all levels. For many, there’s a desire to be more empowered and self-resourced in regard to their own wellbeing. For some, there’s a threatening health concern that has motivated some important lifestyle changes and this is just the start. And for all who find my high vibration raw food retreats, there’s a calling to be more deeply connected to life meaning and higher-self wisdom. Regardless of the reason, food, consciousness-raising practices and time outplay a profound role in finding their way back to their center.

high vibration raw food


I used to have a love-hate relationship with food. After years of trying to curb my attraction to depleting foods by dieting, binging and purging, fasting and trying every fad eating approach in the book, I happened on to something that dissolved the struggle and expanded my true love relationship with food as a sacred medicine instead of as a menace.

You see, I used to feel guilty every time I ate, dreading that I might get fat. Can you imagine? Each time you do the very thing that keeps you alive, eating, you feel as if you’ve done something wrong! Like if each breath were a sinful act. How crazy, right?

Already a yoga and dance instructor, a massage therapist and a coach, I was blessed to be introduced to the high vibration raw food vegan way of eating in the year 2000. Once I began to experiment with it, what was once eating for emotional pleasure, something to avoid boredom, a way of coming together with family or just fueling up, became a sacred act of truly nourishing myself. Not only was the food delicious, but it was also many times more nutritious than cooked and packaged foods. Energetically I felt light and satiated at the same time. And because the food is still so fresh, its energetic vibrancy amplifies my own vibrational frequency. Where once I was obsessed with conforming to the media’s image of what an attractive woman’s body should look like, I was now listening to an inner knowing of what my body needed to be healthy and fit, treating my body like a temple instead of like a machine.

I began to feel a sense of awe for the power of food and the blessing of our easy access to it, so privileged are we in the developed world to have so much available to us. This reverence became my passion. Today, along with helping my clients free themselves of destructive eating habits, I’m wild about inspiring a deep appreciation for the high vibrational quality of live food that transmits its aliveness to our energy and cellular bodies. It’s clear to me that consuming cleaner food will result in a cleaner body, clearer psyche and more direct connection to the divine. It doesn’t get much simpler than that! The practices of yoga, dance, meditation and time in nature profoundly complement this path and are a way of life I feel proud and honoured to guide my retreat guests onto.

While on a high vibrational raw food retreat, important questions often get answered, new important questions are seeded, we release old toxins and awaken into more of our own true essence nature. Overall we open more to being receivers of divine wisdom. Cleansing supports a more meditative state, becoming itself a meditation.

After many years of leading group retreats, my offering morphed into what I now call semi-private retreats, where I host only 2 or 3 guests at a time. While there’s still an opportunity for connection and sharing the experience with 1 or 2 others, the emphasis of the retreat is on your own personal inward journey and how the sacred art of eating as a spiritual practice is a path to higher self-love.

Daily silent beach walks, yoga and meditation, movement/dance and cooking classes support the inner and outer adventure, with options for eco outings, healing and spa treatments, one on one coaching and even a local organic craft market.

Earthing, the practice of walking barefoot on the earth contributes greatly to the healing that takes place during the week. An unobstructed connection to the earth has been shown to draw into the body the earth’s free electrons, nature’s strongest antioxidants. These electrons help neutralize damaging excess free radicals that can lead to inflammation and disease in the body.

Living 6 months of each year on a gorgeous beach in the small beach town of Troncones on the Pacific coast of Mexico where I host my High Vibrational Raw Food retreats which allow me to practice earthing every day. Nothing like toes in the sand to get grounded!

While shifting one’s relationship to food doesn’t happen overnight, a High Vibration Retreat with me in paradise certainly points you in the right direction so that every step you take on this path takes you closer to the vividly, radiantly, agelessly high vibration you!


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