How do I add a listing to the site?

Email us at for more information how to get started. Whether you want to add a retreat, retreat venue, or an online course, there are different packages provided to get you started (see below questions).

How much does it cost to add my retreat to the site?

For retreats there is a one-time fee of 49.99 to have a listing on our site.

This one-time fee covers; an SEO optimized listing created by us with your links to your site and contact details. We have found that giving people direct links and contact details to your retreat is a faster way to get bookings as there is no interruption in the booking process. We find you all the leads and direct people your way.

We also feature you on all our social media platforms, e-newsletter, blog and when we feature your retreat on our social media, we tag you in the post and we also allow permission for you to connect with people commenting on our post.

How much does it cost to advertise my online course?

We charge a one-time fee of 24.99. The payment for your online course to be featured on our site is good for one year.

You get direct links and contact details on your listing so people can get in touch with you directly. We also advertise your course/class/location in our e-newsletter, social media, and blog. We allow you to connect with people who comment or show interest when we post your listing on our social media channels.

How much does it cost to advertise my retreat venue?

It is free to list retreat venues. We take a 10% booking fee only once someone makes a booking. No logos, links, or contact details are permitted on listings for venues. We also ask for speedy responses when we email you letting you know someone is interested in booking your venue, as delays can lose momentum.

What methods of payment does accept on the site?

We accept payments using Stripe – which is an automated payment processing for online businesses.

We also use PayPal on our site.

If I don’t receive any bookings through the site can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. That is just the nature of business and we can not guarantee bookings 100% of the time. The initial fee is used towards the time and effort we put into marketing your retreat to help gain exposure and gain new leads.

How does a retreat vendor collect their booking payment?

When someone makes a booking, we will either send the payment through PayPal or through stripe (credit card). We have already put your current email address on file for your PayPal address. 

We will contact you when someone makes a booking and clarify which method works best for you.


What if my client wants to get a refund from their booking, but have already booked through your site?

Unfortunately, we do not refund the 10% booking fee once someone has made the booking (unless it is within 24 hours after they booked through us). The remaining 90% of the booking fee will be determined by your booking policies.


How can my retreat get more exposure?

We offer several promotions for the listings on our site throughout the year. Contact us to see how what we can offer!