How much does it cost to add a listing?

It is free to sign up and create listings on our site. You can add and edit as many as you like throughout the year. We take a 10% booking fee only once someone has made a booking.


How does a retreat vendor collect their booking payment?

When someone makes a booking, we will either send the payment through PayPal or through stripe (credit card). We have already put your current email address on file for your PayPal address. 

We will contact you when someone makes a booking and clarify which method works best for you.


What if my client wants to get a refund from their booking, but have already booked through your site?

Unfortunately, we do not refund the 10% booking fee once someone has made the booking (unless it is within 24 hours after they booked through us). The remaining 90% of the booking fee will be determined by your booking policies.


How can my retreat get more exposure?

We offer several promotions for the listings on our site throughout the year. Contact us to see how what we can offer!


Can I add website links to my listing?

We forbid all links on each listing. Since we are a booking site, we ask that you don’t add website links or email addresses to your listing. They will be removed. We also ask that you don’t leave your links or try to connect with potential clients through our social media. Refusing to follow along with our policy will result in a ban from our site and your listings terminated.