An interview with Kazen Garden

Introducing Kazen Garden! A beautiful remote retreat located in the Berber countryside outside in Essaouira, Morocco. Owners Sophie and Philippe from Paris sat down with and talked about what they have to offer at their retreats and what makes their retreat special.

Philippe: So we are Sophie and Philippe, we are from Paris and we have lived here for two years. We built our house and we built the new house, actually to just receive urban people from Europe, United States, and everywhere if they want to come and organize a retreat with us. We even organize a retreat; yoga, pilates, meditation, hypnosis, nutrition, and things like that. We try to be regenerative in the countryside here, in the Berber countryside here. That means we plant many trees and we try to be sustainable here in the place with people, nature, with animals. Trying to give good food to people, we have a vegetable garden here. And, well try to make the best place for people.

RTR: Explain a typical day at one of your retreats?

Philippe: We start generally with breakfast at eight o’clock, eight thirty. And then we have the first workshop like yoga, for example. Then there is a break and we go to the beach for example, and then for a walk or to the Medina for the girls and the boys also. And then we come back for lunch and the swimming pool and then we make a break and the girls are swimming or talking together. There is a good spirit between people here. Then another workshop in the evening. Before the spa, we have a spa, traditional hammam, sauna, massage. People are here for a break. And then dinner, with good food.

RTR: What do your clients get out of your retreats?

Philippe: I think there is a, as I told you when people arrive they are quite stressed, tired, with their problems in the city and with their lives. And after a few days, we see the people completely change, with good vibes, talking with each other, talking about their life very easily. Just to throw all the bad things, to let the bad things go and to go back happy and with good vibes. So this is really nice for us because we wanted to make this place for the human part, the human exchange. So people when they come here they are in the mood, they like to change with each other. They like to speak we speak with them. It’s a nice part of the job.

RTR: How do your clients get to experience Morocco?

Philippe: We want to show them the Moroccan culture of course. We take them to the souk, this road is difficult to find, at the end of the road is the famous Wednesday souk. So we go there by the countryside walking there, it’s a really long way, but they like it because it’s really typical of the way that the Berber are living. It’s like you fall into the 12th century, something really far from us. But you learn the way that they are living and the difficulty they have, they are quite forgotten by the power, the Moroccan power. They have no schools, no ways of transportation, no medicine, nothing. So we like people to know about these things. And of course, there is the Medina, the Essaouira Port, things like that. People can see the food markets, the fish, and yea they like shopping also. It’s a nice place; the beach, the souk, the Medina. Many things to do, too many.

RTR: Anything else?

Philippe: Sophie is doing wonderful massage, Thai massage.

Sophie: Thai massage, sports massage, relaxing, and pilates.

Philippe: And pilates, she is a Pilates teacher.

If you are looking to get away for a week from stress and work, Sophie and Philippe are great hosts and enjoy making you feel at home. Check out some of their upcoming retreats!








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