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Surfer Slang ! Don’t be a Dingo Learn your surf Lingo

It’s a language in itself only the gnarliest of gnarly people will know. Before you head off to your surf retreat, learn the lingo so you have a better idea what all those surf dudes/dudettes are saying while they are carving on the barrels.

We have collected a list of useful terminology surfers use to prepare you for your surf retreat.


Air/Aerial- When a surfer and their board leave the wave. “Dude! You really got some air on that wave.”

Akaw – Term surfers use when they see a good wave. “Akaw dudes! Check out that wave!”

Ankle Biter- Waves too small to ride. “Forget about that wave, it’s only an ankle biter.”

Backside – Surfing with your back towards the wave.

Bail – Jumping off the board to avoid any wipeouts. “Dude! Bail from this situation!”

Barrel – The space between the face of the breaking wave and the lip. “I was riding the barrel of the wave and it was gnarley.”

Beach Leech – someone who leeches equipment, etc. off of other surfers. “The beach leech once again used my surf wax.”

Blank – The foam material that makes the surfboard.

Bomb – Usually a large wave. “Dude you rode that bomb like it was easy.”

Carve – When a surfer is turning on a wave. “You took a sick carve on that wave dude!”

Critical – A difficult part of a wave. “You really took over that critical wave dude!”

Deck – The part of the surfboard you stand on.

Ding – A damaged surfboard.

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Drop in- When a surfer catches a wave which another surfer is already on. Against surfer etiquette. “That beach leech really dropped in on my wave.”

Epic – A description of a good wave or surf session. “Dude! That was an epic sesh.”

Fin – The curved piece underneath your surfboard.

Frothing – a term used to describe your excitement about good waves. “The waves looked amazing, I was frothing to get on my board.”

Frube – A surfer who doesn’t catch any waves the entire surf session.

Gnarly – A dangerous surf condition.

Goofy – Surfing with your right foot forward.

Grom – A young surfer usually under the age of 15. “That little grom is really ripping those barrels.”

Impact Zone – The area where the waves break.

Kook – A disrespectful surfer. “That kook stole my wave.”

Leash – The cord that attaches your leg to the surfboard.

Line Up – The place where the surfers wait for the waves to break.

Mush- Bad quality waves. “Dude, the waves were mush today.”

Rippin – Surf moves that are fast-paced and full of action. “Dude! You were rippin on those gnarly waves.”

Stuffed – Pushed underwater by the wave. “I got stuffed on that bomb.”

Swell – Group of waves usually formed in deep water from the wind.

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