There’s no question that yoga is fantastic for the body. Not only does it keep you limber and in good shape, but it also helps balance hormones, reduce anxiety, increase longevity, and puts you in a better mood.
Yoga is such a fantastic thing to add to your daily morning routine. It helps to realign the spine, your joints, and relax the mind to be ready for the day. Once you start a daily practice, your body starts to crave it if it can’t have it. You feel off and your body feels sore and tense.
Online Yoga Classes are very popular at the moment (for obvious reasons) and thankfully for the internet, many teachers have taken their classes online. Self-isolating and quarantining are not easy to do (especially for those extroverts). It can be extremely hard on your mental health. Online yoga is very beneficial for this time to help you work through those awkward or anxious feelings that might be passing through your mind during all this time alone. Yoga helps bring you back into the present moment and not dwell on the past or worry so much about the future.
We have put together a list of some of the best online yoga classes that we suggest you check out! Fill the extra time you have fulfilling your mind and with peace and tranquility, and your body with movement and relaxation.

Online Yoga Inversion Course

This Online Yoga Inversion Course is an 8-module step-by-step video training course that walks you through taking flight on your hands in over 30 shapes no matter how little (or how much!) experience you have.

  • 24/7 LIFETIME access to 83+ video training and pose breakdown PDFs, including all future content updates! Gain access immediately upon purchase so you can start right away.
  • Step by step training for over 30 poses and funky variations that takes all the guess-work out of it (literally nothing is left out!)
  • Full body warm-ups to set you up for success in each pose category, and cool-down videos to unwind after practice.
  • 8  90-minute Workshop Recordings so you can learn from questions others have asked before you and gain even more tips to help you take flight.
  • Membership in a growing community of yoga ninjas to support you and encourage you along the way! Post your poses for feedback and encouragement, and hang with your fellow ninjas from all over the world!

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Outdoor Yoga And Meditation Classes (Online)

We are Amy and Giulia, traveling yoga teachers, surfers, climbers, and outdoor lovers! If you are looking for Outdoor Yoga And Meditation Classes with a difference, to be part of an eco-community, and to make a real difference then we are here for exactly that.

Our yoga platform is dedicated to bringing you outdoor yoga classes from breathtaking places alongside workshops, live classes, and community events. We tailor our classes so everyone can do yoga from complete beginners to advanced, and we also have classes specific for surfers, climbers, and snowboarders.

We are an eco online yoga platform with outdoor yoga and meditation classes in the heart of nature. We strive to protect the environment and share our love for health, well-being, and sustainable living. 10% of your subscription goes to cleaning our oceans, organizing beach clean-ups, and educating young people on zero waste living as well as protecting marine wildlife. We also plant a tree for every subscriber in a place in the world that needs it most.

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Online Self Love Course – A Retreat For The Soul

This online self-love course is a retreat for your soul. This is a process of connection to yourself, to like-minded sisters, and to raw nature itself. Underneath our stories, core beliefs shape our world.

This retreat supports you to bring awareness and choice to the subconscious ideas that shape your reality, lifting the subtle into the conscious and aligning you with the woman you are becoming. Together, we do the work to understand our body, mind, and spirit through the ancient practices of yoga, creative expression, and Earth Medicine.

If we want to fully experience love and acceptance, we must believe that we are worthy of love and acceptance. We must know and trust that we have a much needed and valued place in this world. When all around us is in flux, we know that our sense of home lies within. This is true empowerment.

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Online Yama Yoga Course – Yoga At Home

This course is perfect for feeding your soul: it is an opportunity to explore and deepen your personal yoga practice, while also learning about what’s important to you. In this fast-paced world, it can be hard to make time for yourself, to focus on your own development, and to get to know what makes you tick.

Think of this course as an investment into your mental, physical, and spiritual health, as you’ll learn things you can always have in your tool kit.

The Yama’s are the first step of Patanjali’s Eight Fold Path and the first of the Eight Limbs of yoga. They are a set of five teachings that help yogis to live an ethical life and do good in the world around them. Each week we will explore one of the Yama’s in detail.

This will include a pack including an explanation of the concept and activity to explore it further in your everyday life. Including: a private 1-hour online yoga class focusing on that week’s concept, and a private 20-minute online meditation class to discuss and develop your understanding of that week’s Yama.

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Online Yoga And Astrology – Deepen Your Practice

Join Akash Mudgil with Online Yoga And Astrology.
Teaching experience- 5 years, Akash teaches the Online Yoga And Astrology classes through zoom.
Fluent in English and Hindi with a good understanding of Sanskrit for yoga, astrology scriptures, and philosophy.

A Hatha Yoga and Vedic astrology practitioner since the age of 19. Along with knowledge of astrology and yoga both from family lineage, learning from gurus in Rishikesh also has certifications in yoga vidya from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi, and Patanjali International Yoga Foundation, Rishikesh.

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