An Interview with Retreat Venue Owner Yves Gouedard

An Interview with Yves Gouedard. We had the opportunity to sit down with Yves Gouedard, co-owner of Libert’Art – a retreat venue located outside Essaouira, Morocco. Yves and his wife opened the place about a year and a half ago and they thoroughly enjoy the tranquility of the location. Their romantic location is a great spot for anyone wanting to host a yoga, dance, meditation, detox, reiki, or art retreat.

Q: Tell us about your location.

A: An Interview with Yves Gouedard he has tell us about your location. We have a guesthouse, and sometimes we have people coming for yoga or some kinds of art- painter, sculptor. And it’s quite the place to do it. We can have up to ten people. It’s a quiet place with a garden and terraces. We can have separate groups, or all booked in the same place. It’s peaceful.

Q: Favorite memory?

A: Favorite memories in the retreat….after 2-3 days after people are coming, because of the stress from coming from Europe generally. But they are coming stressed. After two or three days of sleeping good and having a great retreat in the countryside, they can let the stress outside. And after four or five days, they are maybe coming back to stress because they have to come back. The better way to have them is during the three to five days.

Q: Future plans?

A: My future plans, for now, are to prepare the place for a dance retreat. We are now working a lot with Spanish people because of the languages we speak. Through time I think we can expand on every expression; dance, art, yoga, reiki. We can expand on every expression. An Interview with Yves Gouedard

Q: Do you provide the cooking or is that something the clients need to provide?

A: We have both. People can come and organize by themselves or we can have some woman coming to prepare food and cleaning the house. That depends on everyone or the individual. But we have both.

Q: What is a typical day like at your retreat location?

A: It depends on the moment of the year. During the summer I think it’s better to do the subject of the retreats in the morning and have a free afternoon to have a moment in Essaouira, or the beach, or the countryside. This is because of the weather, it’s too hot in the afternoon. But generally between six in the morning till twelve you can better organize your retreat moment. I think it’s better in that way because if you’re only on your subjects, you could be boring. You need a moment to breathe. And the rest of the year, I think it will be the same, you need to breathe. You could be out in the morning, visiting Essaouira, visiting Safi, or Paradise Valley, or the beach, windsurf. You have a lot of possibilities of activities outside your own. And like that, you can breathe. An Interview with Yves Gouedard

Q: What makes your location special?

A: I would say if you like the countryside, if you like the quiet, if you like the city too because we are only fifteen minutes away from the city. If you like sports and beach. it’s the best to come to Essaouira. And why my place? Because I love my place and I want to share it with people. And one of the best ways to share it is to speak with people. We can speak four languages and we can mostly speak with everyone from the earth.


You can learn more about Libert’Art at:

Retreat Villa In Morocco – In The Countryside Of Essaouira

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