had the pleasure of interviewing Beth Borowsky who is hosting some great upcoming retreats. Her most recent retreat will be August 11-18, 2018 in Bali. Check out what Beth had to say!

I have been practicing yoga for 32 years and teaching since 2006. It’s been an extraordinary journey through various styles and many different experiences. Since doing a 2-hour class with Ana Forrest at a New York Yoga Journal Conference in 2013, I am continuously astounded by the intelligence and extraordinary medicine that practicing Forrest Yoga offers to 21st-century bodies. It’s a practice that invites every kind of body and connects you deeply to your breath and spirit so that you to feel into spaces that you never knew existed. It feels like I am offering yoga and healing and that is a great honor!

It is a huge privilege and pleasure to create and hold space for women to gather, to rest down and to re-connect to their body and spirit. As a 52-year-old woman, I know too well how stressed we are in our roles as worker, partner, parent, friend, daughter… So I create retreats that offer experiences that nourish women from the inside out. They are not boot camps but rather a symphony of yoga, meditation, cultural ceremonies, pampering and lots of time to connect to self and others as you relax by the pool and do as little or as much as you choose.

Bali is an incredibly sacred land with a deep soul and beauty-full people. It’s the perfect landscape to create a sacred space for women to retreat from their work and life stresses and be cocooned in beauty, tranquility and peace.

My inspiration for weaving Ceremony into my retreats comes from my experiences as a Forrest Yoga teacher and student, and from the exquisite ceremonies practised by the Balinese people. In Forrest Yoga, ceremony is an important way to connect to our Spirit and to the elements that are so much more powerful than us. Calling in the Four Directions – a North American Indian ceremony – is a powerful way to bring you into sacred space and to set collective intent.

The cultural ceremonies that I weave into the retreat experience include Agni Hotra – a sacred fire ceremony; a visit to the Water temple for a sacred cleansing; dinner with a beautiful Balinese family in their home compound, where we learn about family life, eat traditional foods, watch their 2 exquisite daughters perform traditional Balinese dance and weave offering baskets. This year we will experience a sacred sound healing in the ancient pyramids. And every yoga practice is a ceremony – an opportunity to use deep breaths to feel and move into sacred spaces in our bodies and so connect to our own Spirit.

Here is what past particpants had to say about Beth’s retreats:

“The beautiful & magnificent surroundings of Ubud were the perfect backdrop for the most incredible retreat. Treats such as the daily messages on our mats, organized outings & ceremonies to hanging out with awe-inspiring Goddesses surpassed my dreams. It was clear from the beginning that a significant amount of preparation had been given. The strength yet softness and intuitive caring nature of Beth’s daily teachings allowed me to explore my practice with clarity & compassion. Thank you, Beth, I left feeling inspired, replenished and deeply deeply grateful.” Louise C

“Thanks Beth for the most wonderful week at Soulshine. You put so much preparation into every single session. The energy you pack into each and every session comes through to one and all. I especially loved having the time and space to share with my 16year old daugther. It was a time and space that took us outside our everyday lives and allowed us to see each other as women.” Mandy M

“If I could bottle the essence of the Goddess Retreat in Bali, I’d wear it around my neck forever (I swear I look 10 years younger!). Thank you so much to you Beth and the lovely Goddesses for all the love, laughter, inspiration and joy. An experience that exceeded all expectations and has opened my mind to a whole new me.” Lisa R

My retreats are for every woman and every body. My Forrest Yoga training enables me to create classes that accommodate all levels, injuries, and challenges.

Bali Goddess Yoga Retreat with Beth Borowsky August 11th – 18th


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