The benefits of listing your retreat on a directory

Your retreat is organized, the location looks beautiful, your site is up, and it’s time for clients to find this hidden treasure you created. After months and months of posting articles on Facebook, writing blogs, keeping your site polished, your site still appears on the 18th page of a Google search!! Here 5 Simple Reasons You Need to List Your Retreat.

These days it is absolutely critical to have online exposure. Gaining exposure to your website is the most crucial part of marketing your business online. It can be a major pain the neck marketing your business online, constantly trying to sell yourself. We understand the headache and exhaustion of finding new clients.

Here at, we understand finding clients isn’t always easy and want to take that stress off your back. There are many benefits to adding a listing to an online directory. More specifically an online directory for retreats 😉 Here are just a 5 Simple Reasons You Need to List Your Retreat

1. Increased Visibility

The great thing about online directories is they get a lot more exposure than you would normally get on a single web page. Online directories attract people who are specifically looking for a certain niche. With an online directory, there is a large database of products (in this case retreats) that customers have the ability to scroll through.

2. Search Engine Optimized

The nice thing as well about directories are they are usually listed on the first few pages of Google searches. When an individual is looking for something specific on a search engine, a search engine will give priority to sites that have good credibility. The more listings on a site, it is easier for search engines to pick up the site because of all the credible information that has been gathered.

3. More Details about your Business are Provided

Having your retreat listed in a directory is pretty much like having two websites. You get double the exposure! Listing your retreat puts out twice the information on the web while at the same time, gives side to side comparisons to other retreats. Users don’t have to scroll through the web to find and compare different retreats. The retreats are all organized and categorized in a way that makes it easy for users to learn as much as they can about each retreat and how each retreat differs.

4. Cost Effective Way of Marketing

Let’s be honest, advertising can be expensive!!!! Listing your retreat on an online directory helps you save money. Listings are FREE! So it cuts a tremendous amount of money on marketing and advertising your retreat. Directories are reputable sites that gain a lot of exposure to clients who are looking for a particular niche. They don’t have to go to the tenth page of a search engine to find what they are looking for. So save a few $$ on advertising and list your retreat. Online directories are also great for smaller businesses who might not necessarily be able to afford a website. Since the listing is free, you pretty much have your own site within a retreat search engine!

5. Reviews

So important! Online directories allow clients who attend your retreats an opportunity to write reviews and feedback about their experience with you! What better way than to give credibility to all the hard work you do by having your clients share the good news.

Do yourself a favor and add your listing today!

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